Design / Development / Research

Bryggen Research

Bryggen Research AS is located in Bergen, Stord and Bømlo. We create design and develop interactive systems for with a dedicated focus on the user experience of technology.

Creating wearable sensor technology for eHealth

Our Grasp platform enables our research partners and pilot customers to gather new sensor data to help in the therapeutic process. We offer integration with our ecosystem to enable health professionals and researchers to create a clearer picture of how emotional states fluctuate over extended periods of time during therapy.

Harnessing machine learning to explore new therapeutic possibilities




We offer a machine learning framework that can tailored to your particular dataset. We tailor user interfaces to vast datasets enabling you to use the correct machine learning algorithms for your existing data. Our research founded approach enables us to collaborate with you to explore the data and answer new questions.

Selected works

Web development

We only make custom and tailor fitted websites. This means that we create a unique experience for your customers that reflects your vision and your ideas. Each site we publish has a unique feeling with photos, text, video and interactive functionality.