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Raudrev is the consulting department of Bryggen Research AS. A free and creative part of our business.

Raudrev specialises in using modern technology to solve business problems for customers. Ranging from aesthetic web solutions, through advanced information systems, engaging app experiences, physical and industrial design.
We leverage creativity, electronics, CAD, embedded- and web programming to create innovative solutions. We strive to keeping pace with the best, newest and most efficient technology and tools.

Web is more than HTML, architecture and content works together to create meaning.

Raudrev makes use of modern technology and design to meet the demands of the web users of today.
Aesthetic visuals in combination with informed architecture enables the user to grasp information and lets our customers stand out from the crowd.

Design is about iterative refinement. Constantly aiming for perfection while making the right tradeoffs.

By using up to date design methodologies and tools we design fast, while maintaining quality.
Theoretically founded and with practical experience we design technological and physical artefacts, research and concepts for our customers, and ourself.

Successful development requires persistence as well as a willingness to adapt.

We develop and engineer end-solutions to meet our customers demands.
When approaching development we engage with our customers and their end-users to create a solution that works for all parties.

The visual and material aspect of information technology can not be understated.

An appreciation of the visual and material qualities of technology key with any system trying to crate a unique and compelling user experience.
The intangible experience that comes from working with design is reflected in our approach to the material aspect of things.